Sunday, 24 June 2012

Victory ! Success ! - Atop the Mountain The Sweetest Feeling ...

My feet hardly touching the ground, smiles of utter joy and satisfaction, happiness radiating  and deep pride !!!
The success of the first phase of my project is the sweetest of feeling, the sweeter for begin shared with audiences, supporters and exquisitely with my creative team. It has been a tremendous journey , involving many different people in so many ways.  This blog  testifies to all the ups and downs twists and turns along the way .
It is indeed marvellous , magical  even to fulfill such a big vision,  a dream  that manifests, in the most beautiful way . To then  luxuriate in the overwhelming  bliss of 'climbing the mountain'  so to speak and then to admire the  breath taking view infused with total  upliftment. Such superb  moments of excellent  achievement are to be completely savored not rushed..

A big up and big thanks , in particular those Lesta audiences who came over two amazing nights to see our show, that proved to be so fab, the audience looked lovely with their glow sticks !

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Diva a Choeopoem @ Curve is a world premier ! We are delighted with, post show discussion feedback via social media, one to one etc. , as it showed they engaged and loved Solitaire's character , her unique language ( 91 5 line verses- non iambic pentameter but an afrocentric rhythm) of Lesta, Jamaican patwa, Romany and Polari gay slang.  In addition to the Leicester storyline, the music - Disco Retro &; 90's house music Plus fantastic digital visuals, with some cool martial arts, world influenced dance moves . 

MADE IN LESTA - HEADS UP !!!!! A personal dream fulfilled , on behalf of the myself and the team , we are soooo happy so very proud !!

Lesta is as cool as for arts, creative heads, for excellence with diversity at the heart of it all as a unique strength .

We know.... our show has created interest from a top international performing festival in South Africa in 2013  also Soho Theatre London.... We are representing !

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