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Friday, 8 January 2010

Will they say yes or no

There are a couple of men and a woman I need to persuade to support this project bigtime. Hmm I do not know them very well although they are all on my radar and I am on theirs. I want to get access to some resources space, kit (equipment etc) and some more creative technical know how. One of them has had an outline already so know what is its about and one of the things he said was it was 'challenging' the other guy is more problematic we have a chequered history due to me fluffing up meetings previously anyway, he is a gatekeeper of a good space and access to digital performance resources and possibly professional development opportunities the other on is an english literature academic I have sent all but of one them the updated information and the updated project summary fingers crossed then I hope they will be interested and want to play ball- if they do things will all go to the next level I cant remember a time when I was like this about a project I am getting very excited as I have actually started the backstory which is so important in that it is is going to lead me to the story proper for the piece heres hoping .....

Monday, 4 January 2010

Getting it right - website debut

So I have now been asked to provide a photo image and some blurb for an initial regional website about my piece - that should be easy methinks as I have written and thought so much about the piece - except this is for a Cultural Olympiad programme website and will carry the ' story' for some time into the future and will be accessed regionally, nationally and internationally too. No pressure then to make sure I get this as right as it can be at this early stage. We do not have our own website as yet for th eproejct but plan to in due course . Providing an image is much more problematic than the text - so far I have a neuman microphone which is used in studios rather than on stage because I thnk it of it as thing of beauty and I like the way it sort of has a cage around it a 'restriction' - it needs to be something symbolic yet flexible as to how the piece develops It feels l already like such a comittment to do this but needs must..