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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Going For It In a Big Way & Other Good News !

April has seen a flurry of activity as tickets are now on sale, around the recruitment of ambassadors for our novel 'Black Divas ' Ambassadors audience development scheme.  We designed this scheme and it is being implemented by Dare to Diva and Curve Box Office.  We have our own website up http://www.dareto diva.com  and our social media on Facebook and Twitter is buzzing.

We are making good progress towards our target number. Plans are afoot , to launch some pre-publicity around our Exhibition/Digital Installation at Phoenix Digital Media Centre  in November 2012 and our  Music Concert at Peepul Centre  September 15th 2012. This year will be the culmination, of all our hard work, creatively fulfilling for me  a long held ambition. There is even more of a papable feeling of creative play,  welcome joy even . We are going for it big time !!

Together with the anticipation and excitement around the arrival of all our promotional print. This is being distributed, with some venues, showing interest also in the ambassador scheme. Some of our  project partners, are well ahead- with placing our promotional information on their websites, pdf documents for circulation to their contacts etc. Soon they will do e mail outs also . Raising our profile locally, regionally  nationally  and internationally.  Demonstrated by keen interest is being shown by Grahams Town International Arts Festival , in South Africa for next year  We have a physical presence by way of a promotional Banner in the Curve Foyer.

Our bespoke props look simply gorgeous, really glam and very well made fit for purpose. A welcome synergy  several New York Productions also Choreopoems. By African American and Sri Lankan American women  artists respectively.  I' am also excited as a very special book  Out of Bound (on Amazon) an anthology of Black & Asian Poets, is launch in the next weeks. Published by the prestigious Blood Axe Books featuring a staggering 120 poets 348 pages !! With such  esteemed poets as Jackie Kay, Wole Soyinka, Jean 'Binta' Breeze  and many others alongside newcomers as myself BRILLANT !!!
Its going to be a really momentous year ....

Friday, 6 April 2012

Dancing with Muses

We have had the press launch of the East Midlands Cultural Olympiad in Nottingham at a place called Primary. After all thats happened on the journey . So off we go at last !!!!!

Our brilliant new audience development , ambassador scheme is now also launched . It uses famous and semi famous Black Diva names, selected by the myself as artistic director, for their contribution to disco house dance music also with a song title of theirs that links to our production narrative (they are encouraged to look their divas song on youtube to enjoy the experience ) . Ambassadors pass this Black Diva name, to their contacts to use when booking their tickets at the theatre box office for our production in June 2012 . the Box office staff have enjoyed setting up and checking out this particular innovative scheme.

After a lot of stress after losing phone , email account problems and losing a purse . Now feeling happy , overcoming those gremlins , there, is now a payable feeling of enjoyment, of arrival to have come this far... Our promotional print is here ready for distribution . Prop development is good and I have excavated why I am the artist. I am and been delighted to be reaffirmed in my current role, by being inspired by such theatre practitioners as , Augustus Boal , Peter Brooks and Rani Moorthy . Yesterday I watched the poetic film Nine Muses by John Akromfah its beauty was stunning...I know why I do what I do I must dance with my muses...