Friday, 6 April 2012

Dancing with Muses

We have had the press launch of the East Midlands Cultural Olympiad in Nottingham at a place called Primary. After all thats happened on the journey . So off we go at last !!!!!

Our brilliant new audience development , ambassador scheme is now also launched . It uses famous and semi famous Black Diva names, selected by the myself as artistic director, for their contribution to disco house dance music also with a song title of theirs that links to our production narrative (they are encouraged to look their divas song on youtube to enjoy the experience ) . Ambassadors pass this Black Diva name, to their contacts to use when booking their tickets at the theatre box office for our production in June 2012 . the Box office staff have enjoyed setting up and checking out this particular innovative scheme.

After a lot of stress after losing phone , email account problems and losing a purse . Now feeling happy , overcoming those gremlins , there, is now a payable feeling of enjoyment, of arrival to have come this far... Our promotional print is here ready for distribution . Prop development is good and I have excavated why I am the artist. I am and been delighted to be reaffirmed in my current role, by being inspired by such theatre practitioners as , Augustus Boal , Peter Brooks and Rani Moorthy . Yesterday I watched the poetic film Nine Muses by John Akromfah its beauty was stunning...I know why I do what I do I must dance with my muses...

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