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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Satisfying Artistic Visions & Unknown Digital ArtsTerritory

What a an exciting and satisfying feeling to know that in the can,( enjoyable editing today) you have more than enough digital photo/film material to realize the artistic vision. You have been living with for some time... To actually see as I did with Sally today, characters who I have created, take on physical form on film - moving, breathing and emoting fantastic ! Everything, becomes so much more defined, richer and deeper.

Final Cut pro software editing software, allied with an creatively talented digital professional like Sally is a truly awesome gift. My own memories of analogue editing a faded memory now. Equally, finalizing the pilot plans for the digital interactive performance with Sean to design . Alongside the birth of our official website architecture, makes for a very positive day. Being now on the cusp, of going into unknown digital arts territory, really fuels the head rush.

I feel like an artist cum scientist/technologist, in an important experiment. The outcome you subjectively feel is going to be amazing - but will there be gremlins... ? This is the riskiest part of the project to date really - but nothing creatively ventured nothing gained . The only off key note being the amount of VAT to be paid (this is a government job thats onerous for small creative businesses have to pay not at the VAT threshold ) on much of what the project needs to purchase VAT Relief needed for Artists NOW !!!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another Great Days Filming - With Some of Leicesters Finest

Today was excellent filming five very important characters for the piece working for the first time in the new Phoenix Square Digital Studios. An important and very significant milestone of the project . We feel very at home as part of our Creative Residency at thePhoenix Square Digital Centre. A well equipped and bustling place to work. Alexzandra Jackson is to be commended for her warm hospitality and liaison work. For ensuring we can work comfortably and efficiently at the Centre. The brilliant film crew of Sally Hossack, Jane Hearst and the wondrous Emma Fay Make Up artist. All meant that we breezed through all the filming we had to do, in a professional and unflustered way. A real pleasure - both watching the characters being filmed and directing their gestures and expressions They all did very well indeed.

So it all went swimmingly (bar one actor not being able to make the shoot due to a sports injury) and some of the scenes were quite sensitive and new territory for many of them. We had a child actor too, who was a delight and a first for me too to direct - contrary to the old showbiz stock phrase about not working with children ! All the participants in the shoots to date , are becoming a little community group and have their own face book page to communicate through. As well for the proejct give feedback and keep up to date with project developments. The next and final round of filming will be the most challenging and technically risky even. Yet promises to be the most artistically exciting and rewarding . Here is where the artistic and technical stretch,by the myself and the creative team will be most felt -I look forward to it !