Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bright Golden Sun of Achievement ...Consoldiation Leads to Expanded Horizons

A golden sun of memories  forever within me , it is the after glow of supreme achievement. Evidenced, by the continuing flow of positive comments regarding our the performance of our show  at Curve , from audience attendees and my arts peers, met randomly in Leicester streets.  Including Curve's Artistic Director Paul Kerryson's  most welcome positive feedback, to send me soaring, in my hopes and ambition for the future .

 It has been all so worthwhile,  As an artist , I  can completely relate to how the London 2012 Olympic athletes feel - taking part and winning ! ! Particularly those from small poorer countries, including my fellow Jamaicans, wonderful achievements in a historic year of the  celebration 50th Jamaica's independence.  2012 wil be a shining pinnacle of success, a celebration very emotional joyous , an inspiration we will never forget.

So now to walk back down the mountain so to speak ....and mark all the key  steps along the journey and to evaluate what has been  achieved all . e.g. did  we set out all we wanted to achieve,  what is the legacy , how to  move forward from here ?  This phase is  some what delayed, a bit like the huge effort at the begin gin of the journey , in fact begins a new positive phase or cycle of possibilities,  my artistic career will not be the same again. So it with this in mind , to begin the process of evaluation and reportage etc. This blog is of enormous importance  to assist in this task, as well as be of  value to other artists . Of special interest is how it documents ,the journey of  a Black woman artist working in recession hit England today . So now is the the time for consolidation , also to note alongside the thrllls, magic, delights and victories, the struggles, mishaps, disappointments and losses. In the manner of Ariadne to pick up and trace all the threads, yet  to leave some some untied to lead to new moorings, as new  regional, national, international , digital horizons beckon.

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