Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stages Of Note

At this point an important stage is noted, we are getting close to the first of our events that is part of our project. The Curve Show is within sight and very real, as evidenced by our Show ticket I held in my hand last night!  Momentum is building, as more print and other publicity is being rolled out, the character of our 'Solitaire the character  of  the piece is 'speaking via Facebook.  People are talking about it all online and offline.  On reflection there have been numerous challenges - yet here we are still on track .  This Summer will be a very special one, intact the whole year. With two further events scheduled,  inspired by the narrative , featuring Community Choir Music Concert  in the Autumn and a Digital Installation/Exhibition in November . 

On journeys it is important, in the hustle and bustle  to take  a moment, to actually enjoy the journey itself.  Just being at this point is gratifying and I feel grateful to have got this far. I am equally pleased,  that others have contacted me, as they have been inspired to make their own cross arts/choreopoem project - from Manchester  Chanje Kunda and others in Canada. The internet has been key to this ability, to link with other artists across great distances.   So much as been learnt working on this project , by myself , the creative team , volunteers and community ensemble players. Especially in a 'cold climate' for the arts in the UK . I am hoping for a very diverse audience, for our performance at Curve, including many who have never attended a theatre before.

Wonderful opportunities , are happening in tandem, I have two poems  of mine, featured in an important Anthology titled 'Out Of Bounds ' Edited by Jackie Kay, published by Blood Axe Books May 2012.  In addition I will be reading my poetry,  for the first time at Manchester Book Fair , hosted by Comma Press . This will be videoed and an E Book  Anthology featuring  the poets  appearing that will be created.  Finally , I am featured Writer Of the Month, for Writing East Midland Writign Development Agency  please see link 

Moving more  centre stage... 

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