Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Launched ! 'Solitaire' Character hits the Internet in May 2012!!!!

This is a big moment , our Diva character 'Solitaire' from our narrative , will hit the internet this month via our social media on a regular basis . She will  give her  own updates , comments via twitter and facebaook,  that reflect her own unique take on things. This something of an interesting experiment, that  we have planned .  For the character  Solitaire, to enter cyberspace and take a presence there.  I am very excited about this , as it is all new territory, in terms of my work to date.   We hope there will be  interest and engagement, in this development . As as she will be describing some of her own feelings, prior to the build up  to the build up to her  forthcoming 'Awards Show'  June 21/22nd June 2012 !   We will share this with our  Audience Ambassadors also. So to bravely Go ...

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