Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Walkiing the Stage 'Plank' Musing Musically with Logic

Whirl wind of a week testing filming and to finalize 'the Diva's Dressing Gown' at the very least for the forthcoming sharing . Everything is becoming so real and taking shape by turns. This is all incredibly exciting and nerve racking all at the same time . Recently the Creative Team and myself did a site visit to the theatre (for staging /technical purposes) , where we will be doing our first sharing of project work to date. Just standing in the space, like I had never been in there before - empty bar us and other theatre practitioners. A black box into a black ocean of space ...sink or swim -either way one of the primary purposes of the sharing next week is to LEARN !

Today was very enjoyable, the first music set down for the piece-a wonderful melange of strong west african polyrhythms , urban/contemporary with touches of Indian and Chinese motifs. An verall feel of elegant grandeur and mystery loneliness even ? The genesis of an overarching theme for a soundscape begins.... A musical 'gumbo', much like the physical theatre choreography ,to be further developed -very thrilling ! I am very impressed sounds available on Logic software configured to my Mac computer.

Here's a definition of the word gumbo - we use it to mean a intercultural mix of different influences, cultural traditions, practices art forms e.g Africa India China - as we in 'welcome the world' within 'our world' within the project.

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