Friday, 6 January 2012

Testing Testing 123 - Digital Visual Blast Off !

After holiday inertia coughs and colds, Sean and Andy (digital performance platform visuals and lighting design respectively with myself . Have done us proud with testing all the technical kit acquired Mac Mini etc) and electronic bits and gummings, in preparation for our first sharing , work in progress , at a theatre later this month. In addition to it also being preparatory work for our project installation later in the year at a local digital media centre. The three days testing at De Montfort Performing Arts Centre of Excellence Studio included filming footage of a character solo dance sequence with Louise and Sally , also for the sharing . All this has gone really well and I had a chance to really experience fully and not just visualize, the whole performance staging area , in relation to the different screens with the lighting. A new and challenging experience having not performed with moving digital visual in quite this way before. It presents new challenges around staging movement i.e. blocking and lighting. See more here Sean's Blog

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