Friday, 30 December 2011

African Rhythm & English/Patwa (Patois) Langauge & Creating Chimeras & Chiaroscuro

A single pulse of an old african diaspora five beat rhythm in my mind -is the vision for the entire piece. As it underpins the choreopoem of our project , all the text. choreography, movement - the whole dynamic of the piece etc is structured on these five beat cycles . In writing the text this is from within me and moves without . I aim to infuse it into the creative team and for it to be fully internalized by all of them. The same later on by , audiences - but on a more subtle level. For now as we work , we will be further aided by my setting of, the precise bpm (beats per minute) and tempo , recording it and building on it further on it for edits and soundscape etc.. One of my key influences for theatre e.g. Berkof (alongside Peter Brooks ) displays keen attention to language and rhythm e.g.Berkof's work East - this is also the case for Shakespeare's works too. I reflect my identity. african peoples musical legacy , alongside the universality within many popular forms of diverse music , embodying this african rhythm. By my use of it thus, it becomes all the more critical for the actual words/language of this specially created argot . A s it is not iambic pentameter that is usual.

For our next film/digital test session, my preparation all centers around the creation of the character's nemesis who appears as nightmares. She is a chimera , frightening by turns, not quite visible . Our last creative team discussion centered a lot on lighting. I like the chiaroscuro effect and will explore this further for this key part - but also overall in line with the artistic themes and motifs that I have previously set. There is also special costume to finalize and a headdress to make all on deadline. I have enjoyed designing these bespoke costumes both for the effect, period/culture , dance movement, ease of wear, and to work with lighting etc. In costume key influences , range from africa, china and India - places of inspiration for all divas down the ages. I delight to find key design shapes , fabrics and ornamentation ideas, that are shared and span theses great continents and their diverse cultures. Thereby affirming important links and welcoming the world, through our aesthetics for the piece .

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