Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Caravan Rolls On

Something of a roller coaster, in the last week or so . Branding, logos artwork , media interviews, recruiting new Student Interns, staging deviser, planing the most technically challenging film live action and digital interactivity - Whoah !!! All rounded off marvellously with costume consultations, a project management task list, with loads of tasks completed, plus an injection of further funding, for the music (acoustic and electronic) component of the project CHAMPION ! as they say in the North East of England.

Whatever gremlins, obstacles, challenges, problems that pop up like , on a target range- are swept up and batted around, until a suitable solution is found. A good working relationship with partners is paramount, to help with any number of hurdles. As the momentum continues to build and the caravan rolls on... I cannot help but really enjoy the creative journey we are all on, in particular , myself as a black woman artist. I feel am continuing the legacy, of those that came before me , I 'am thinking now of the heady days of the Harlem Renaissance, the 30's very tough economic times (like now) but some of greatest pioneers of music ,dance theatre in NYC got their mojos going- I take inspiration from them . Clearly my visit to the Schomburg Centre has a deep and lasting effect, that has got me to where I am now.

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