Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dancing In the Dark & Digital Challenges

I have just finished a technical rehearsal in preparation, for further rehearsals the following day.
It has gone well and working in the actual space with Technicians and later on with other digital creatives. To perform and share an extract/work in progress to a specially invited audience. With humming video screens in effect,this has been a great , a very new experience as a live performer !

A good amount of patience, care diligence , understanding, communication skills, is needed working with a range of digital equipment . Technology changes, at a rapid rate, components prices vary widely in price and functions. A specific digital brief and spec , with back up plans b's is also essential in the event of any mishaps, or the expected gremlins -as I call them that can turn up anywhere ,there is a conglomeration of electronic items in close proximity . Flexibility continues to be key , to be able to adapt very quickly and with some confidence, for problem solving at a rapid rate . Whilst remaining very positive but coolly realistic - not for one minute losing the vision of your work . Strong team work and collaboration, comes to the fore here and highlights - clearly , the interdependency , support of creative colleagues - in a joint endeavour . It is however a real buzz ,sharing our individual mutual satisfaction and delight in the work. As as it begins to take beautiful shape before our very eyes - is what is all about !

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