Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Creative Play At Work & Mac Pro Happy Days ..

Awesome , creative time in workshops, delving to find the characters voice at different stages of her life , extemporising with shakespearean text (Merchant of Venice) rewritten by our Staging Deviser - for a black woman character also focusing on line breaks and rhythm. The text for the piece has a non western afrocentric rhythm. Recruiting several more important persons as patrons for the project. Most importantly acquiring a mac pro computer and making the pc to mac transition - a key tool for the project creatively in using IT, specialist digital, software, and social media tools (there are quite a number that are intrinsic ! ) within the team internally and externally. For a wide range of tasks, but with a refreshing element of creative play and freedom, to expand any number possibilities - in seeing and doing things creatively. TheMac pro will be able to run the creative software required for the work - it can create real wow factor.

We have added our excellent Choreographer Louise Katerega (she has a film interpretative text background also) who has given valuable and critical methods & insights of her reading of the text to inform the physical movements. We are developing for this choreopoem, a bespoke movement vocabulary a ' gumbo' a bank to draw on of signature movements aligned with the narrative . In addition to the role of the filmed movement, areas for interactivity linked to key moments in the narrative . Three days to go , before the big shoot on photo/film location - excitement adrenalin is building (potentially up to 30 people on set !) - it will quite be quite an event of itself . I am enjoying the challenge of it all.

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