Sunday, 18 September 2011

Being a film director & Tapping into Leicester Heritage

Well things have certainly heated up activity wise, a few glitches with with paperwork and personal front family worries around of ill health . But the show must go a lot of work negotiating permissions to film /photograph to set up location shoots. Prop hire , wardrobe costumes make up hair , recruit up 11 character model/actors for about and 20 extras !. Not including the creative technical crew of about 7-9 people !!!. Now I think I know how Busby Berkely must have felt !

As we are recreating Leicester 70's nightclub in a important part of Leicester's heritage the Nottingham Oddfellows Club Humberstone Gate in the city centre. the Secretary had been at the club 50 years and the club it self dates back to the 1880's. My memory recollects it being a hub for the phenomena that was Northern Soul ! It is still regularly used as a venue for functions & event we will utilise its fabulous layout, dance floor and lighting rig complete with gold lame curtains stage, to create a 70s, Disco club night as part of the narrative for the piece. It will be
such a special event- with all those local people participating - being part of the project .

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