Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Yes Yes Yes 'We will build Jerusalem in England' etc. ! Blake

YES , the answer is yes we got it !! A vitally important milestone has been reached - major achievement in the current financial climate . We have been notified, we will receive grant funding, from a major funder, Arts Council England, for our wonderful project. I know I have not written for awhile, due to, much anxiety (lots) , anticipation alongside a mind boggling flurry of activity. Needless to say it has not all quite sunk in but we now have the means to move very quickly and positively forward !!!!

We have in place a really fantastic creative team ( theatre, performing arts, creative artists , digitals till & moving image, multi-media MA's BA's etc) planning out with me in our regular team meetings, still and moving image shoots, the art direction , external and studio, locations and venues , extras costumes, props , hair make up and personnel . In addition to very having stimulating discussions with clear decisions emerging about creative technicalities about the visual look, colour textures, post edit treatments of the piece, across the different decades of style, throughout the narrative of the piece . We are currently recruiting a crowd of extras. All our main character/model actors have all been sourced locally and cast by me. All to generate the quality images we need for the stage production . Key project management tools are Dropbox and Google Calender-essential !!! It does feel historic, with an unstoppable positive forward momentum. We are building something that will really be very special and unique right here in the middle lands of England ..of Leicester The world awaits....

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