Thursday, 7 July 2011

Its All Over Now.. !

Indeed it is all over... well because one key part is ,now a very important arts grant application flew off into cyberspace !!! I have received notification already - which is a great relief. It is a 6 week turn around - ten days first to find out if you are eligible. Here is hoping for the best and all of that stuff to actually start this project in earnest , on behalf of the project the team, board , champions everyone !!! A big thanks to them all so far on this journey...

I met last week with Further Education College of Excellence in Leicester to talk about the project, young people and exploring future learning possibilities . This afternoon I meet a journalist from a arts lifestyle magazine for an interview about me as an artist , my work and this mind boggling project. Great ! Tomorrow I have tour with fellow collaborators Simon and Sean , of a prestigious arts venue to check out its technical possibilities. does R& D ever really stop or is an on going process hmmm -possibly ?

Next week I do presentation with Sean, for MA students at the Institute of Creative Technologies De Montfort University to talk about the project, at the invitation of Dr Sophy Smith. there will be further discussion in the Autumn 2011 with the Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts in Leicester, have shown great interest in the project for his Digital & Performance students

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