Sunday, 19 June 2011

Setting Off - A Truly Amplified Moment !

Maybe the blog will be more frequent from now on..why because we have arrived at very important point. I am so pleased to know, from now on there will be no more R& D or recruiting Arts Project Champions (they must be powerful, influential & informed for an artist to advance most importantly know & appreciate your work) Project Advisory Board Members all the pre-production etc . The project has secured over eleven grand - eleven thousand pounds' in kind support to contribute to the overall project budget for the main arts funding application. This will be added to other in kind support for marketing and the Igniting Ambition grant award of five grand - five thousand pounds . My biggest arts project to date- but worth all the hard work, despite the setbacks in these harsh economic times for an innovative project to move forward. But create and innovate WE MUST !!!!

These recent and very important resources , are made up of three creative residencies, they are as as follows;- an arts centre dance studio & rehearsal space for physical theatre text performance and music workshops; a digital media centre to record edit and process all the still & moving digital images - for the digital performance platform; several days technical rehearsal and 'sharing of work in progress 'at a major arts venue. The overall arts grant application is being proof read (very important you may have missed something especially for online applications) for final submission this week as all at last all the information is in place GREAT !

Now all the juicy creative arts work really begins in earnest - the text , the improvisation performance , locations , recording images (still & moving) construction of set/props, design and implementation of the digital performance platform etc etc. So now we need some more project management tools,web based/online ones, as a team member reminded me . For better and more quick effective communications for the next phase.

I have used for example Basecamp usefully in the past for an arts project and I would strongly recommend others to try them for their own project work. Especially for sharing documents , images etc quickly the a number of people in a safe secure and private way. When I said I was taking the digital challenge- I really did and the Amplified Leicester course certainly open and prepared to up my level digitally speaking in so many beneficial ways. A few examples apart from arts research references etc., making national & international arts contacts , pitching to arts venues using power points, diagrams, to communicate our vision and concept quickly for the project. Finally, social media to consolidate a range of interest, wider engagement and audiences for the project. I becaome mor amplified as an artist by the day - but also learning to manage and filter !!!

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