Tuesday, 7 June 2011

On Tippy Toes....but getting more financial know how

I have not blogged for what seems like ages loads emails and phone calls zinging back and forth . On the cusp of finalising a couple of key deals (money figures needed). To then submit (big breath here ) the full application for oversight by those in the know with these things . I will breath a long yogic sigh of relief when eventually the whole application to wings it way up north, to be assessed- the decision will be defining one way or the other... I am so much more confident this time round .

The Project Advisory Board is looking GREAT we have now added an accountant and financial adviser of of the first order . It now as a wide range of experienced qualified and knowledgeable people - who support artists and the arts.

We are looking forward to a technical site visit at a high profile arts venue, looking over work schedules and making beauty

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