Wednesday, 11 May 2011

OOOOOhhhhhh - Joy Joy Joy !!!!!!!!

There is no other word for it I have been going round in the last 24hours going ooooooooh in a high pitched voice , sounding like one of those little digital things that make a similar sound- that used to heard in Bashment (Jamaican Dance Hall) Dances as a sign of enjoyment and pleasure to the DJ's... more recently seen in the latest Pina Bausch Wim Wenders Film - a dancer mounting then descending balanced on single chairs, letting out huge ecstatic oooooohs !!!!!!!

Why ? because yesterday was a simply a huge massive tremendous awe inspiring fantastically brilliant BREAKTHROUGH kind a day all artists would hope for !!!!!

After the good advice , all the project work to date, all the information gathered, presented and pitched etc. The project successfully- will now receive a commission at a local Digital Media Centre for a Creative Residency to produce a pilot digital performance platform Summer 2011 a
A well as produce an innovative installation piece for 2012 at the Digital Media Centre . This will undoubtedly will change everything. Ooooooh !!!!! this boosts the project work massively Then to top it all, I had the most excellent letter of support from a local University English Academic, with regard to the project and more specifically my creative writing, placing it within an East Midlands tradition of writing GREAT !!!! All from day one SUPERB !!!!!!

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