Monday, 9 May 2011

Nothing Can Stop This Now

Someone said about this project at this juncture 'nothing can stop this now. I sat at home the other night and likened it to a snowball gathering pace and taking unto itself all manner of things, to make it bigger stronger and more robust ! There is something different more confidence , definitely - like as if you can smell it all done ... really well ! The list is endless as to what has been learned so far, the transliterate arts must offer themselves hither and thither being an artist is somewhat like a call girl, as one high profile arty commentator remarked 'one chooses to be an artist , its not a job' I see ) being fully competent in all manner of digital paraphanalia, have good writing skills, get independent assessments of you and your work. Important working collaboratively, keep focused ,do not lose sight or let anyone take over completely your overarching vision. For them to tun into something it is not and can never be. An abundant artistic creative talent , limitless energy , faith, self belief in the face of utter fear despondency (especially other peoples) i.e Jobs (the bible) constitution. Always spend time with very creative people, to rub together and make big sparks for each other. I am not at the end but .... we are rolling right now..

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