Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Soul to Soul & Trashing Post Modernism

In the last 24 hours I have been in the company of Rozena Maart Head of Gender Studies Kwazulu Natal University S. A. Soul to soul talking about Black Consciousness (yes you do not hear that very often round these parts !) black afro-centric artists being copied and then blocked, the hidden afrikan herstories and histories of Afrikaans people and white europeans in general, non european forms of philosphical reasoning . Plus completely trashing post modernism and its champions e.g. Paul Gilroy etc and exposing its apologisms - it was awesome !!! The new is totally upon me, revelations abound in my millieu as to who really helps and who actually hinders...Wonderful ! Now having said all of that, circumstances do change and a fire is catching with a good head wind towards fulfilling the dream. Mostly in a totally beautfiful way. So lots of smiling by me inside and out.

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