Thursday, 14 April 2011

Catch 22 Hobson's Choice -to Achieve Beauty Not What You Expect

Great so you have an important meeting about the project that is to create beauty , with a gate keeper and begin chatting like a mynah bird, not not realising that the person you are talking to - is not with you . Why because the document you thought you had sent to them - you actually did not - because you had spent so much time sending various documents (by email of course) to so many people - it was clearly an oversight . Hilarious really ! However further discussions took place that were constructive . An even more satisfactory meeting took place for the first time between the staging deviser ace and the digital designer ace on the team . A meeting of great minds - powerful , wonderful to see. To the point. (previous drawings of stage design were poured over ) whereby we all have seen the centre piece, in terms of our core creative digital stage prop. A thing so great and wonderous , as to inspire real awe as far as I am concerned. With its abilities to work real magic ! No the knot in the pit of my stomach, all revolves around key decisions (time is pressing now ), as to where to go for money and exactly how much - e.g. request less (to get a quick positive decison hopefully and get more needed later ?) or more (with a longer turn around- take the risk to ask for exactly what you need with maybe a negative decision ?) It is all rather like gambling (I do not gamble except in my arts of course ) really only much worse. All the funding options look feasible till on further examination,there is some big decisions (the criteria and the steer being given to by funders for you to follow) then makes it all look far less attractive, in terms of what the actually project needs- Catch 22, six of one half a dozen of the other . One good thing recently amongst all this funding angst, is I have come up with more important details about one of the characters for the piece. In addition I have written a type of treatment to progress matters technically. I am very happy (I so enjoy my writing ) about this, as there was some things missing... Also it looks we have have film video etc.production facilities/resources to use over the summer . As of today it looks like we have recruited a recommended film maker /photographer to work with us . A meeting with the local univerisity is planned to discuss more formalised partnership arrangements. With a view to knowledge transfer, innovative artists in the community and access to their resources. the Project Advisory board have their information, to set up more formally for a meeting . So we keep moving foward ....

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