Friday, 8 April 2011

'Diunt Get Frit' - Wax In Sync With The Moon...

How to say this ,its been gloomy (but the moon is waxing) with everyone down about arts cuts. But I have with my collaborators namely Simon and Sean so far been busy bees , we are waxing marvellously along . Getting so much work done at last at last ! Development really perking up so to recap , deadline for sharing work in progress august 2012, theatre meetings for support and joy of joys (my inner geek rejoices ) getting to devise and work out a pilot creative digital platform for performance Whoopeep doo - in a digital media centre !!! Not to mention an agreement to move forward with a big arts centre to comission original contemporary acoustic and electronic music , musicians, workshops, choir to learn the music and a debut performance of the music work , plus other performance dates . There has been great help and advice and more importantly hope, now available in high places. So vital with the recent arts cuts laying waste to artists dreams and hopes - bitter anger and rage, with hardened cyncism toward goverment and funding bodies raging. I will gird my loins, but also diunt get frit (leicester slang for dont be afraid) with regard to grant funding shennigans. However it is different this time- more powerful champions, complete with their own not inconsiderable juicy resources, that the project requires YAY !. Transparency is the key, see how diverse the arts can be in these 'middle lands 'are or will be . This project clearly will be a litmus test , for clear criteria , real fairness and so forth . But most of all this project is will/ be the most groundbreaking amazing fantastic thing ever in these parts..I love it that not quite everyone has realised this yet...but they will. The fun is back now (I was dancing- working recently to work out the size of my performance platform to be built as part of the staging) we have moved so much further forward with everything !

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