Monday, 28 March 2011

Treatment, Transliteracy & Innovators Elastic Brain Loops

I am getting on with writing various types of material to be generated , synopsis, a treatment to communciate exactly what the show is how it works, and what it looks like and what audience will see and experience e.g. key moments in performance and technical events etc. There is also the poetic text that drapes around this architecture . This all brings me back to the 'transliteracy' (a term I'a not not keen on as it makes me always think of that which is written whether e.g. words, or code etc) idea. I have taken for granted the fact that I do alot of different things. Always have done (often discoverd through adversity ) and they have been well received or performed to a high level. In particular I have enjoyed being familiar this time round with all the different processes involved . Plus the all the new ones my elastic brain loops around happily. Music Acoustic & Digital Electronica Literature Dance/Physical Theatre Visual Art Mixed Media (film & photgraphy ) Make Up/Fashion & Style. Working on this project gives me a great opportunity and much enjoyment , to bring all these different things together in a unique way. To find the interstices ,the cracks , spaces between them as well as what cuts across/ through them . Yet having some kind of holistic vision of it all. Technolgy is to play with, to explore and even take liberties with. For me the body and human experience its myriad of expressions is paramount. This has always lead and informed my use of technolgy..Working within a space of the creative tension in discovering the very real limitations of a piece of technology - as well as its potentialities . Celebrating the happenestance and the unlooked for discoveries (all the wrong or incorrect ) things found when fully engaged, in the 'zone' so to speak. I feel like someone who speaks so many different languages in arts multi - media etc,. So that I can be heard and understood get the best of of kit etc, and vice a versa . But that I have an approach , a way of being and communicating that people, often find hard to actually understand fully and/seem remote stand offish rather than engaging. Am I experiencing a sort of cultural 'lock out' because of it, am I a notional threat in some way,as I have such a different background to them maybe ? Surely that is what diversityis all about isnt it . A I am so conversant or transliterateif you prefer . Due to the fact, that I have often made my own discoveries and continue to do...We shall see if I am able to communciate my own cultural perspective and natural ability that I have developed on, to others - including, peers in the coming weeks ....

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