Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The One That Got Away Saying So Non! & Coming Up ....

So part from postponing all the dates there was one that got away !! I did what I had to do but was more than gently persusaded to do 'something' on one of the dates in a ill advised phone conversation in a state of some distress . This of course was an eon ago and so much been going on in the mean time so other comittments made. But more importantly to use an analogy 'you cannot serve uncooked food to guests right ? Even if you want to tantalise them with them with the most delectable spicy morsels, that you have collected and prepared .. Given the current state of matters . This is impossible of course . So I have to say again NON !

In a meeting recently where people, programmer artistic directors and producers talked in a weak way, about supporting performing artists (like it was something they had never done beofre ) Everything they were talking about focused exclusive on the 18-30 age group . I wonder what on earth -are we to do with those that fall outside of this group ? Europe also this almost fetishistic focus on youth become tedious . What about those older people (we are a growing groupp demographically) with rich life experience, passionate view points, creativity, real artistic power and expertise even ? Those that may challenge and provoke more thorough there art they are kept marginalised .

I despair sometimes truly. On the up I am building up foundations and scaffolding more slowly and surely than I ever before. So confidence rises with this new learning , examination , reflection and construction . My some of my poetry is to be published soon in a magazine. Along side, the fact that I am being included on a website featuring UK post colonial writers/literature, curated by a respected Litereature Academic . I am bouyed by this so keeping always on the up. Last but not least a significant Sillitoe contact has been made as well the joy of me attending an Alan Sillitoe Event Celebrating the Writer- in Nottingham .

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