Monday, 27 September 2010

Depression bites then new zest !

I have not written for a while as everything I had worked on for over a year (research -year and a half or so) sort of came to an abrupt halt . Such desolation abounds within and with out me ! By virtue of also having a day job as well - there has been so much work to do there. But as always things happen I have reviewed some poems and text with a view to more tweaking. The narrative story is still as strong as it ever was, also my committment despite the severe setbacks ( arts grant being curtailed etc) . All will definitely help to create a stronger work . I'm massively encouraged (though I just missed a chance to see the piece at Curve Theatre the other week ) Vertical road by Akram Khan which has had rave reviews . I read the Guardian newspaper review and was so excited by the fact that it had some Butoh influences . This gladdened by own heart as I had submitted myself earlier in the year ( I knew butoh would unlock some of the physical theatre the piece needed) to the wonderful rigours of Elena Boschi's Butoh Workshop. I am so lucky to have a bona fide Butoh (Japanese physical theatre /dance) practitioner in my own city. Benji Reid is also coming back to Leicester I cannot wait to see and work with him again. Fortunately things happen at the most unexpected places and times. I went Nottingham Liming and met an old Club Promoter Richard Frost colleague I had not seen for over 20years, he works in digital visuals and yes I told him about our project and yes he is interested in getting involved. This was also before I saw his West End based London company Media Zest website .....oh the joy - as there I found the most divine neat digital visual delights - I was thrilled !

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