Friday, 29 October 2010

Hearing Voices - Underground Railroad & Rebel Dreaming

Well a really good week , my first poem ever published in a literary magazine 'Hearing Voices' is out, talking with Simon ( he had me out Weds with the HD flip camera filming shots for the piece great !), Setting new dates for 2011 Decibel maybe a 'Sustained Theatre East Midlands (STEM) BME arts Showcase around the same time - feels good . Meet with a colleague with international arts contacts , interested in the project - who said that 'Rebel Dreaming' is what Black Minority Ethnic artists have always had to do. She coaches artists in the 'Underground Railroad' Network .' As she was speaking there was much that struck a chord . I visited their web site -it got my attention. I am keen for her to meet other colleagues of mine and may be do some work with her myself . To get my head on straight as an artist, rather than an arts manager/mentor for others ete. The Momentum Festival has been very interesting this week at Curve (nearly missed some of it !) and beneficial , new pieces of work , discussion e.g. Talawa question is 'Black Theatre ambitious enough ? My contribution was short and succinct (very well received too)- it sure is and just needs to be left alone to be free - in expressing it own stories in its own way , with whole hearted support.

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