Monday, 23 August 2010

House Music Heals - Heavenly

We are all in a dfficult place due to all the government cuts etc., nobody knows exactly what is going to happen . It is time to get down to basics and I find myself revisiting those things that not only inspired me, but also nourished, in their own therapuetic way . I keep coming back to the power of music but not just any music. There is so much music ,that can make you feel dreadful. No I am talking about the magical power of USA deep soulful house music of the 90's. In particular the music I experienced first hand, in some of the best clubs around the world. Those who grew up with this music, now with their more settled lives , family etc. Recall and play the music in the main, rather than talk of the DJ's -which is interesting. As I suppose that was where the real lasting connection was made - with the people, their mind, bodies and soul . This incredible musical phenomena, is ripe for more mainstream appreciation of it cultural prevalence and legacy . As most writing is about the DJ's and labels. There has been very little writing across the media or academia , over the years about the roots and innovation of the actual Black & Hispanic and Gay artists that made and enjoyed the music. Or particularly the role of largely Black singers, the Black Divas - with their gospel, spiritualized delivery . With the power to totally transform powerfully and uplift your mood with a combination of searing vocals aligned with irresistable percussive beats , and all manor of novel lush keyboards sounds

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