Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Artists Voice in the midst of Calamities

Well it seems the artist's voice will not be heard - however artists will always try to make their voice heard above the clamour - for cuts, down sizing reductions , change of remit purpose, opening up arts venues to be more outward facing, job losses etc. how to measure the impact of the arts on the pubic etc. and all other manner of calamities that may come to the arts cultural sector - the same across the board. What is clear is the need to work together more closely, share resources, partnership, collaboration is need more than ever. Those not used to it this will find it all very strange and disruptive . For myself I am planning my next moves, as there is much to re-configure, momentum to be regained and re- aligments to be made.

Always my muse never fails and clear ideas are emerging on the music and visuals front for the project . There is my support team's unfailing comittment, tempered only by the current climate cuts etc. Close Team working will be critical for sucess.

It seems to me it is often the case particularly for a many Black artists on the margins they face considerable added obstacles so the all the arts sector docuementated evidence states. I am happy but chastened by the fact that I have only ever had one arts grant back in the 8O's from a public funding body. Much of my success and achievement were made through my own my own efforts. This entrepreneurial spirit has served me very well to date but what of the future ? How will all this affect the arts and artists voice - specifically those not platformed or championed in the mainstream currently ?

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