Saturday, 10 July 2010

Postponement - will the artists voice be heard ?

This will be brief at this point , as is has not all settled in yet - as of thursday we received and another grant bursary non approval. This came at critical stage so following a creative team consultation. A decison has been taken not to compromise the artistic vision and quality of the project and to therefore postpone the forthcoming arts venues dates in our region. The current arts funding situation, within the economic climate will probably only get worse as organizations become more conservative. As they receive an ever increasing number of grant requests, inevitably innovative work will not be supported. We will continue with the project, prioritising seeking and applying to other funding sources. We will focus on the many other postive aspects to the project, as everything is more or less in place. As a creative team our other partners, champions and supporters are agreed, they will continue to support us in bringing this project forward as intended. In the meantime I have been invited to sit on a regional panel for to a network of arts practitioners. To speak about the artists voice within the arts cultural sector - I am now suddenly, very clear on what I may well say.

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