Monday, 5 July 2010

Drama Director some dialectics and publication !!!

What an incredible week, I have someone on the grant question re- writing, I have doen a project timetable - feeling vey postive about this (I assist). Then I actually gave my back story to a friend ( a former Head of Drama Director, Performer etc) who has taken it a way and make notes on the key themes of the piece, asked the right questions and indicated where more expansion is needed in terms of the structure. What has been brillant is his insightfulness, his whole inituitive and knowledgable feel for the piece - he seems to pull my underpining ideas out from out of my head .e.g. the dialectics within the piece . This is most gratifying and gives me the most incredible 'creative buzz' He is also advising on staging , visuals etc pity he cannot direct he would indeed be the ideal... I am so champing on the bit ready to start with the next stage ......also this week recognition !!!! A really great review and the publication of my poem 'Just Peachey' this week in the esteemed Leicester Poetry Society, my a reading I previously gave for them was a smash ! I will be able to send out that to the regional 'litterati' and include it in my biography etc. Also sessioning with a asian jazz fusion band , working with a classical master and learning about their quawvalli music its structure. So just groovin' it can never be all calm, something of an IT 'event horizon' at work this morning ....oh well onward.

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