Saturday, 21 November 2009

You are not really alone

Wow so good to be travelling or surfing this wonderful world of weaving - there is a sort of feeling of travelling without borders on what is known as the worlds wide web ! So I have been linking in to arts culture websites in Europe looking at those sharing knowledge information about arts and culturally diversity only to fidn not much infromation aobut someon elike my self there thisis not new so where are the organisations and groups and individual artists specifically Black and Ethnically diverse women making and producing work ,and having discourses about this ? I know they are there and I will find some of them for sure but there seems to be a whole of funded and projects and programs for certain geographical areas and communities in Europe I could not find anyone that looked like me its not quite what I was looking for so its best to make contact and contribute to the discussions anyway I offered to map my blog to see if other may be curious about wha thappens when you are a black woman artist in England looking to do an ambitious project ... I will see what transpires - as always going west was different the USA always provides ample websites information on Black women artists, cyber feminsts , critical discourses, fantastic events etc this is my kind of heaven the vicarious thrill of it all to see other really interesting women artists exhibiting, analysing and documenting work - I love the language and realise that what I had read and remembered all those years ago abou the internet being a good place for women to cross and move out from all sorts of boundaries- the way we would use our innate skills and ways of working it all leaves me heady but you do have to be enfranchised so you need the computer IT social media literacy skills etc. to be in with it all and time ( the most elusive for many women) how many women of colour and limited means opportunites have that ?

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