Friday, 20 November 2009

Opportunty Knock Backs

Adversaries met so many before - so there are those who would keep back information about public resources, funding other opportunties even if it is part of their job description - at any one time people can have any number of agendas but barefaced truth, boldness and transparency allied with stunning talent and creativity always wins the day then uncanny knowiness gut or instinct with habitual long range futuristic thinking, superlative communication skills across a really broad diverse range and the patience of Job (biblical stalwart) - this sounds a bit competitive but it is not its just the way it is for some us I include myself because I think what I do every one else does and this is not always in contrast when I meet people similar to my self my amplified leicester group its sort of like socially and creatively 'falling in love' with all the attendant happiness- it becomes more intriguing as it is complicated with a background like my own that defies fitting neatly in to any one category of experience at all -but takes in a vast varied journey with so many fissure, cracks and changes of value of which is immeasurable -Bob Marley is a pertinent aid at such time I find turn the negative to the postive' 'creatively play' with all that would appear to stymie great dreams and plans - now writing a few wickedly vicious limericks as I did the other night to be shared with maybe one other person for now - inspired by those that seek to block my progress is one thing but it is the ongoing flow of people and events that really piques my interest it is ok if people do not get it straight away or its over there head or they are nervous and think it very brave - my work ideas -it is all about attuning - 'stepping down frequencies' to achieve congruence or to split and take different directions - it is interesting to me to recycle all this over time one way or the other - the converstions, work etc. this project has its own unique rhythm, pace turns, different events it unfailingly moves along knocking up more and more momentum - on one level I am so loving it all

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