Saturday, 14 November 2009

Being sparked up despite calamity

So I had a confimation for the booking in Derby the price modest - but we cut to fit no problems on that one, plus they were the first to support for a booking I still need a firm date form Nottingham venue they are hard to get on the phone I will try email I am getting close to finishing the application I need a couple more profiles I am about there with letters of support and testimonials which has been a truly illuminating experience -to see how people see me and my work (you cannot always see yourself - you need the different views) I never took time to collate them before much too busy doing) the Project Steering Group members own profiles when I read the ones I had so far collectively there is so much skills and knowledge expertise one member having DDA and much much more besides it all feels just that they really are the ones for this particular project - there are a lot of journeys with the people - who are involved here although we are all one one journey in a way I spent some time gazing at a big screen in town today and I saw my short film in my head up there with excerpts of the performance and other clips on there I felt proud and excited I had argued strongly for the screen to be there I am interested in communicating with people audiences in different spaces the street has a special resonance with me

I also made a sacrifice today with a few quid in my purse I gave and old eastern european lady playing an accordion singing a haunting but beautiful song she was cold and smiled weakly we both nearly cried as our eyes met I sat and listened to her I was reminded of the night before talking with some newly made friends two young feisty women one was very memorable in that she was voluptous tattoos just like a character from my poems as we talked we really clicked on so many levels it was one of those synchronicity moments and I feigned not being being able to bear it but I was totally energised by it we exchanged contacts one describing herself as a blogger and a performance artist afterwhile I left them as I was a bit brassic for getting in a round of drinks in I remember with one of them I talked about myth fables stories of goddesses and Baba Yaga came up I wanted to tell them about the book 'women that run with wolves' one of my favourte books ever and that I will never finish reading it because you cannot - I will dip into it for life this they were very into butoh brillant and very pleased elena is plannign classes in Leicester it all seemed linked last night the old woman I saw in town somehow I keep meeting young people who do reiki too recently -in this week of dire bad luck - magpies everday yet I go on hoping I let myself indulge in a visit to currys shop to get a quote for some tools for me and the project so to speak - laptop vital dgital camera printer and dongle to write, surf, communiciate on the move wondrous and just need to get the dosh an buy it all

So I can get creating more by being sorted for 'creativity on the go ' and getting my artist collaborators busy- the dancer choreographer, musician digital producer and fine artist, then lighting designer producer tour booker and PR (reckon that will be in the new year when I get the dosh) I can comission them but need to update before them via email do a readjusted project timetable from th eone we discussed before and et them into this blog methinks) what I have written seems a bit rhymey I have been in a limerick mode these last few days as it cheers me hope and makes me laugh in a of great calamity weekful of magpies (am I being superstitious ? I have seen them every day on a run ),cars wall crashes, snotty insurance people and a truculent workman, a runny nose (not swine flu) but tired exhausted worn immune system though I put a mountain image top on my pc desktop its signifies my task that set me off thinking about being a 'hermit with the lamplight'

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