Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Drama then the Big Up's

Drama how does someone break your house wall down with their car this is the drama and potential 'rain on my parade' (england is a spectacular shade of grey this time of year also I did cuss out a woman a giantess in Mark & Spencer for rudeness- it dissipated some of my residual anger ) obstacle that greeted me earlier today no injuries just a mountain of stress and hassle to unpick from my head quite upset but resigned dealing with it like everything show must go on right Yay !! how important is it after a start like that - to get Big Up's sunshine in the form of references testimonials etc. when you have done like loads of performances, workshops, programmed events, directed artists and put poetry into public spaces - to get acknowledgement, recognition appreciation all honest and sincere which is so important to me Best bit is the confirmed residency and other support like cooking a fine meal it takes time and good preparation to provide the ultimate experience the cooking analogy never failed me making succesful good music in studios I must say it is only now I have collated all these I really begin to actually see the journey I have been on - because most of the time you are so in the 'moment 'of doing performing travelling etc- I wonder do alot of artists keep scrapbooks or not ? I can see why Jean Binta Breeze needed a Nesta Award to get off the ring of gigs - in order to sit and write something different to what she had written before to have time - needing time hmm not much of that at present I must press on with expanding my ideas writing in more depth wish I could have seen live the South African poets that performed at the Drum having now seen Lebo Mashile thanks to facebook and video their poetry is still able to renew and inspire me Big Ups to Apples & Snakes for touring them I will linking with Rozena Maart (who I met through the amazing wonderful Bbubba) another South African poet for a low down on the South African poetry and literature scene

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