Monday, 30 November 2009

Identity the compass & the chamelon

I listened to a wonderful turkish woman ella a novelist talk about the act of writing as channelling, women as storytellers and carrying on the oral tradition- personifiying Istanbul as woman in her books, the idea of being a nomad and quoting Rumi that 'identity is like a compass' e.g. I am rooted by one leg of the compass in my jamaican antiguan mandinka akan heritage working class englishess and the other leg a libertine bohemian nomad gypsy shifting completely round a global world - shapeshifting and weaving many different strands - ellas conversation continued with a geologist who had studied and written about the story of sand its strange quirks longevity on the planet and its ubiquitousness the different materials it is made up of whether it is from a cold climate or a more tropical one - sand moves around in so many ways I always think of a desert scene when I conceive of this piece deserts are very poetic a place so meaningful with much resonance - storytelling magic and mystery in themselves with secrets hidden and revealed I love the shifitng forms that form the movement of desert and therefore its rhythm there is a macro and micro to this rhythm in everything daily rituals -rhythm in seemingy simple movements of our life our own unique movements I wan to explore to know my own chamelon dance I am a chamelon who dreams

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