Saturday, 10 April 2021

Recent News & Writing East Midlands Conference 10th April 2021


It is wonderful to have been Visiting Guest Lecturer for MA Creative Writing Course at Nottingham Trent University, and also forthcoming Visiting Guest Lecturer for Derby University for the MA Writing for Performance April 13th 2021. Despite  anxieties and worries with regard to COVID 19 pandemic, also personal loss and bereavement of family members.  In the last year I have  also received other writing work opportunities, e.g. two writing commissions, *non-fiction and *poetry. These are now published  and available to buy online *Poetry and Covid, Anthology Shearsman Press 2021

*Reflections: Cultural Voices of Black Irrepressible Resistance, Serendipity Arts anthology (Non-Fiction) Anthology.2020

Other publications where my work is mentioned or collaborations: 

The Cambridge University Companion to British Black & Asian Literature1945-2010 Ed. Deidre Osborne.There are articles and anthologies, e.g. Oxford Women’s Journal: Women Black Arts,  Brixton in the 1980’s.    Its pleasing to be t referenced in the book Sisterhood and After: An Oral history of the Women’s Liberation’ Movement,1968- present Oxford Oral History Series by Margaretta Jolly.

For the Writing East Midlands Conference , I chaired a panel on How to Make Money From Your Writing, with fellow writer panellists: Shreya Sen Handley, and Andrew Graves. This conference has provided  an interesting opportunity to learn new things, e.g. when I attended the The Literary Consultancy panel Session. 

 Overall, as writers and artists, we are used to working on our computers at home- not much change there.  However, some of us are learning new IT skills for teaching and sharing work, in this brave new online world. Along with making new contacts, extending our reach and engagement, with new audiences. As we continue to build our writer profile and presence online and offline where possible, as writers, and artists . It has brought changes, that would not have ordinarily been expected, changes  bring new challenges and opportunities. I look forward to this year as a transitional year, to the new norma. With  with even more exciting opportunities to develop and grow.  


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