Monday, 9 March 2020

Appointed Part -Time Lecturer - De Montfort University Leicester

It is rather wonderful news i have been appointed, as Part Time Lecturer De Montfort University
Leicester.  To teach Singing Vocals and Musicality, Contemporary Music Theatre Module, for BA (Hons) Performing Arts Students.  This is a great opportunity for me to bring together all my own knowledge, skills, experience and insights, gained from a career in contemporary music theatre. My practice, experience of being a multi-disciplinary artist, will be invaluable to help me to facilitate the Students to develop their own creativity with regard to Contemporary Music Theatre.

Working at De Montfort University, an acknowledged Centre for Excellence in Performing Arts, with esteemed colleagues within School is truly exciting prospect. It will be wonderful to share and learn with colleagues, to reflect and better understand their pedagogy, developed over time and indeed my own.

I will continue to undertake other freelance projects, e.g arts consultancy work, and also continue to make my own work. As this is so important for me to maintain, a trajectory within arts cultural sector in the UK. Other projects, to done in  a phased manner,  include the completion of the final part of the choreopoem trilogy, a new substantial poetry collection,  film project and music album. these projects over tie will certainly keep me busy and focused on expanding my art in myriad ways. As always, the brakes on any arts development, notwithstanding time allocation/resources , or personnel availability, is the financial resources e.g. to R& D and complete these projects successfully.

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