Monday, 24 October 2011

Going On Another Big Wheel Ride

Recently we have had a very good Board Meeting at Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre. especially, to see them take the bull by the horns so to speak . Key decisions about roles e.g PR and some good guidance on contingencies ! MACarena my new laptop and I are on very good terms (I spent a awhile getting acquainted with my friend's and those in the Apple Shop ). There are a range of online digital tools being used from:google calendar & maps, Facebook, Twitter it It is amazing to me how useful this has been for project management etc. Attending the conference organized by Sue Thomas and the Amplified Leicester course have proved to be invaluable. Extending and strengthening my links with De Montfort University IOCT and other - different Staff & Departments.

I have spent some useful time organizing/ filing and collating receipts and such things. In addition to reviewing the last couple of months costs and project activities. We continue to make pleasing progress, but it is the creative discoveries and successes that drives everything .

It continues to inspire us all - we are now organizing further shoots with the creative team at Phoenix square Digital Media Centre , only in the studio this time with a range of character/model actors. With further sessions of choreography with Louise Katerega. Building on our choreographic work done to date. Digital Performance platform Designer Sean Clarke and Creative Design Marketing & Communications meetings We already have secured a two page lead artist interview with a popular regional arts lifestyle magazine. This next phase is already building up a momentum of its own - the energy continues and feels like it is growing . We are definitely, going on a another ride on the big creative wheel - but its a different wheel.

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