Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chuffed Choked & Charged - Forward with Breakthroughs

Where to really start with the last few weeks ... Chuffed to have a made quite a positive meeting with a big iconic theatre in my region.The Executive producer there requires a project plan & budget (so timely now) also a script - to nail an offer,of 2 night performance dates early in 2012 , plus rehearsal space, professional advice support- leading to a sharing/work in progress end of august 2011. More cream on the cherry, comes in a possible offer of digital media studio technical facilities for the project - opportunities for legacy work and education young people and other artists . I am looking forward to Apples & Snakes Creative Producer , also Peepul Centre this week meeting for further partner /support deals . I have learnt and cannot emphasise enough , how important it is, to be very confident in your planning/ the use of constructive feedback , the creative technical people you choose to work with and most importantly your own proven skills, experience, ideas/vision YAY !!!

Ntzake Shangwe's For Coloured Who Have considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf Hollwywood Film (lionsgate) - has not reached my fair city of Leicester as yet ....I am choked because I wanted to see it as part of my r & d. I am all charged up , after I had watched a great interview and excerpt of Benji Reid's last performance piece and was very inspired. He was definitely the right choice for an artist like me for so many reasons. The work with Simon, all pens & paper approach to setting out- devising staging ideas, has lead naturally to the first draft script version evolving splendidly.

Another of these important breakthroughs after my session with Simon e.g. involves putting into practice my original idea, of the key importance of the number 5 in the piece. The lead characters speech is in 5 lines verse in a 5 beat rhythm (non european) . This in turn leads to writing in the characters' natural voice - to flow beautifully. Location and setting for the entire piece , dramatic key points in the narrative structure are mapped out and its likely length. This technique has created all these important artistic breakthroughs . Finally I must praise the brilliant project plan (in colours at a glance I see all ) our funding goddess has prepared, dispaying her marvellous project management skills.

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