Thursday, 17 December 2009

Materiality vs Intangibility Contested Spaces Symposia 'work in progress' - Artist Intervention

The build up meeting Serena, the challlening theme, the site visit and final preparations (shopping props etc.) for my artistic intervention for the first day - of a live performance, with accompanying props, digital visuals and primarily drum music was exciting fun and a bit intimidating but seemed worth the risk. In having an international very informed, creative audience of Phd. museum studies students and early career researchers to pilot my ideas, to discuss the underpining of my work was an opportunity I was keen to take. The was some further thought as to how to do the second day which I felt should be linked but offer a contrast to performance. Having ITC skills is vital - to be able to collate the information for research & development, make links literally with other work etc. but also to be able to select and prepare your own images in the way you wish forthem to be presented is key. Underlying everything in my mind now the moment had come - was the question how would it all be received ?

Jim Tetlow assisting with video and sound recording - a creative artistic colleague of old - helped to steady nerves and allowed me to focus on the performance. There was filming for the symposia archive by some of Serenas Team who I asked to make edited highlights only - as it was a 'work in progress' and a very talented blogger in 'situ' Jenny I had by then decided that the second day would not be another performance but linked. This would provide any opportunity to further explore the ideas in my work with a more relaxed atmosphere. Then finally a short exercise to demonstrate more ideas evolved from the theme but also part of my own work exploring club culture, specific physical movements, music and of course light effects. Read here the feedback blog posted immediately after I had performed - a first in my performing career

The second day was far less intense and more relaxed, playful I would talk and expand on my ideas and hopefully get comments questions and reactions. I had a number of people individually personally give me their comments, the work being rich, layered, fantastic , I loved it etc maybe more would be shared on day two. Day one was priceless in that is offered up being able to run the words, movement images and sounds together. Everything was played outside of my head that had been buzzing with the concepts ideas and information for months from my research - so now it was for real the scond day which posed so much anxiety is here Read here the blog that was posted

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