Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Innovation tribespeople and getting into University

You meet some people to consult with and give them the briefest explanation of what you want to do. They then proceed to pull out strands of thoughts out of your head as if telepathically and make imaginative interesting shapes with them - prempting most of what may want to say further. Because some how they have caught your wavelength and are moving it along in a very exciting way- opening things up you had not thought were feasible for one reason or another. Only to show you that the visons you had -were possible and not as expensive or difficult as you had imagined. It is great to meet these innovative fellow tribes people - that is what I will call them.

There is a spark a recogniton when you meet them and matters proceed smooothly with little sparks of further ideas.The most wonderful collaborations then start to spin into action from these telling first encounters. This all happens so very fast and often it needs to. The project is expanding at present - almost day by day as I discuss with a prospective digital consultant - the initial costings resources (space & equipment) digital technology etc to produce the desired effects that are required A furthe rethink on budget is now required to effect the delicate balancing act to achieve the artistic vision within the budgetary limits.

It will be crucial to gain support from the local University Creative Tecnology Centre and its Performing Arts Lab spaces during the summer 2010 - i.e. when not used by students to pilot the choreograhy and the digital visual interactvity lightng ideas. This could be a support in kind type of a deal for these centres to be linked to such challenging innovation. I therefore seek further contact with innovative tribesfolk within the institutions senior staff. There are 2-3 key supportive ones already (who are invaluable and much appreciated by me ) that I have found - a fantastice start. But at least three more other senior staff are needed get on board.

An early meeting with the Dean to discuss exploring the interface between the university and artists based in the community. Then led the Dean to signpost to me specific staff to approach and in the new year positive efforts will be made to get them on board. from my perspective the benefits to students learning, the enhanced positive profile of the University - afforded to them by being associated with a Cultural Olympiad prgramme project for the city and region - with the 2012 'inspire' brand mark of excellence - is a key point. It is a long while since I have been involved directly with higher learning institutions. Apart from, seminar panels at their major annual cultural festival , a spot of guest lecturering and the odd artist intervention ( recently) Also I do some broadcast work at the community radio station based at the University covering the arts. This however will be very different due to my role as the artist . This is one of the reasons why I do this blog to map the journey an artist can take to do an ambitious peice of work like this and all the obstacles, help hindrances etc encountered on the way. It may well be of some use to others in undertaking a similar task or for those who research it . It is has certainly helped me in being able to see better how everything is taking shape.

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