Thursday, 4 February 2016

A New Era - 2016 Going All Out New Choreopoem Published, An Award, Plays New Poetry & Appointments

So its been awhile... since last posting,so much good stuff has happened despite the fact they have been more Government cuts and redundancies etc in the arts creative sector  - but the arts goes on... I am so delighted this blog space has been of assistance and inspiration to others on their own journey in making their art. Since the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the great success of The Loneliness Of The Long Diva choreopoem has galvanized my arts creative career in so many positive ways.

I have written another monologue choreopoem, the second of the trilogy, it is titled Love the Life You Live... Live the Life You Love, set in Leicester in the 80's, with a hedonistic and promiscuous dual heritage gay male character Maz.  Maz has a life changing encounter with another character he meets Sidney, on a night out.  This choreopoem has been published, in  a poetry and prose anthology Hidden Stories  Affective Digital Histories, Leicester University, and it  is also abridged and featured on a phone app. I also received the Siobhan Logan Award for Listeners, for the work from the esteemed Leicester Writers Club.

Life has greatly changed for me, my profile status is considerably enhanced, as an innovative artist, a cultural leader.  . Appointments have followed as Music Director in Talent Development  for 2 Funky Arts, as Vocal Coach and Tutor at Sheehans Music Academy. Along with completing Film School at Phoenix digital Media Centre - Acting Directing Filmmaking. I have completed a writing a new play VEX, set on a war ravaged Caribbean Island, highlighting one woman's actions for justice, for an oppressed tribe, as part of the 12 Angry Women Project, commissioned by Inroads Productions for March 2016 Brighton Dome Theatre. Also a screen play What Trees Know, a dark narrative, of one women's obsession and extreme violence, is in progress, along with a debut poetry in preparation. 
2016 beckons with the begining of even more exciting and challenging arts media projects.

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