Monday, 23 December 2013

Choreopoetry Marches On...& New Roots

So as this year comes to a close, the New Year beckons with the promise of new opportunities in particular choreopoetry !  In 2014  there are  a number, of  not inconsiderable tasks to address, writing projects, finding a fundraiser/ fundraising & booker, for touring arts venues  for the The Loneliness of the the Long Distance Diva - A Choreopoem, publishing of the text for this piece, and other poetry selections. As well as to writing a new choreopoem to feature several several characters this time.

This new choreopoem will focus on a specific geographical  area and its key buildings in Leicester and span a number of decades. It is likely this choreopoem when completed would be performed and filmed in an artistic way. With a view  to this choreopoem initially  being exhibited in onscreen.

I am meeting more and more artists of all ages , interested in collaborations, cross arts and digital multimedia. This is very exciting and the ground seems fertile  for more of this to happen. I have  welcomed the opportunity be a creative consultant for Poet Choreopgrapher/Dancer  Funmi Adeowole for new her choreopoem piece,  Alongside my  ability to be able to lead choreopoem workshops for others, helps to promote this art form. In addition I was in 2013, able to debut to an audience, a new brief choreopoem solo piece working with new collaborator, Jazz Saxophonist/Composer  Marcus Joseph  for Bobba Cass's poetry successful Spoken Word Event  Autumn at Embrace Arts . I enjoyed using English Plainsong, as part of  the delivery of the text and inspiration for the music, of this piece and devising my own choreography/ staging. 

This new Autumn poem, with its use of  English Plainsong  touched a deep root, a new vein to explore further, in terns of  overlooked areas of my own personal identity.  I reckon this holds a key to new forms of expression. My interest in the songs of ordinary folk, their work songs, laments and other folk song narratives, have always been of great interest, as indeed are sea shanties. 

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