Saturday, 18 February 2012

Divas Deaths & Show Business 80% Business 20% Show..?.

In year or so , that has seen Vesta Williams, Amy Winehouse and most recently Whitney Houston -unwind from this mortal coil . In Whitney Houston's case in particular I have just commented , publicly to highlight and acknowledge the family's turmoil and the struggles that Divas can face in the music industry hidden from public view -i.e. when not on show. This was done via a phone link on a local BBC radio programme. It therefore , seemed timely to mark , to observe - some ordinary peoples , the media and the music businesses' responses to these sad events. On the one hand it seems to me, there is the heightened personal grief , of family and friends experienced in the harsh glare etc of the world's media. On the other, the public's natural reaction, of wanting to express their own responses , to these seemingly untimely deaths, 'amplified' via the internet and media. Leading inevitably to a rise in demand for an artists music . From which , in an unseemly manner, the music industry, rather too brusquely, seeks to make its profit.

Whilst the artist's families numbed shocked and grief stricken, contend with the difficult task of the care and funerals of their loved ones. The music industry machine grinds on regardless, to capture the money . Whereas, a natural (it seems to me ! ) dignified period of respectful privacy and compassionate contemplation. Would result in time, in a considered reflection of the artist and their gift to the world , is not even considered, by these music industry companies. It would appear Divas in a sense, are the 'property of the company' at all times, even more so in death. So business as usual...

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