Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Satisfying Artistic Visions & Unknown Digital ArtsTerritory

What a an exciting and satisfying feeling to know that in the can,( enjoyable editing today) you have more than enough digital photo/film material to realize the artistic vision. You have been living with for some time... To actually see as I did with Sally today, characters who I have created, take on physical form on film - moving, breathing and emoting fantastic ! Everything, becomes so much more defined, richer and deeper.

Final Cut pro software editing software, allied with an creatively talented digital professional like Sally is a truly awesome gift. My own memories of analogue editing a faded memory now. Equally, finalizing the pilot plans for the digital interactive performance with Sean to design . Alongside the birth of our official website architecture, makes for a very positive day. Being now on the cusp, of going into unknown digital arts territory, really fuels the head rush.

I feel like an artist cum scientist/technologist, in an important experiment. The outcome you subjectively feel is going to be amazing - but will there be gremlins... ? This is the riskiest part of the project to date really - but nothing creatively ventured nothing gained . The only off key note being the amount of VAT to be paid (this is a government job thats onerous for small creative businesses have to pay not at the VAT threshold ) on much of what the project needs to purchase VAT Relief needed for Artists NOW !!!

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