Monday, 7 February 2011

Post Code Arts Lottery Taking a Punt Dancing To My Own Rhytm

I have been aware some of my peers, fellow BME artists have been busy , funding bids, they often need references who will offer this especially if they are emerging artists ? Big arts events, (and big jobs too) are being planned for the region. A couple of things, done today for myself I have sent 'Cats Leap' a poem to an internet radio station ( not sure what happens now it was - on the suggestion of an excellent high profile poet ) Plus I followed up on a Curators commission and put myself forward for a blogging, articles opportunity via a regional literary website . Let's see what can happen with these things eh as I' am just taking a punt ?

Conversely I so glad I am not in the running for a certain national showcase event (though I know some who are) having observed its regrettable in built post code bias in selection over the years. Except it is not really the centre of it all or is it ? It seems to that so many BME artists are competing in one place , like two polar bears on a shrinking lump of an iceberg....obviously they need access to many more wider mainstreamed platforms. Some artists come year after year, usual suspects - it is supposed to be for emerging artists so do they neither really need it or just come anyway as its the thing to do - not sure if its really necessary if things work as they should eh ?

Oh well it is more useful, it seems to me crack on with my own course. This I find can help maintain, freshness, perspective and originality - dancing to my own rhythm. On with the piece, so now I have to cut up the characters text that I have coloured (different colours as to what emotion it conveys) and paste in to a stage timeline /audience engagement graph oooh Simon says ...oh the joys of such an approach suits me perfectly ... he also has suggested a structural device to resolve a number of issues in the orignal Hmmm I am thinking on this in order to satisfy myself as to e overall story arc.

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