Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Done - backstory has ending

I have been so busy not much blogging in recent weeks, but I am really feeling good about getting to the end of my backstory - I like it and have really enjoyed writing it . It gives me so much pleasure to know its done and I eagerly await my Dramaturge reaction. For myself, it gives me so much 'on the bone' - for when I look to start writing the poetic language . This next writing stage will delight even more I think, as there will be less words, be more compact and expressive, while still making the narrative arc. Poetry is a passion, ideas come all the time but more at certian periods- I am blessed that way I guess . My recent reading/ performance at Leicester Poetry Society was a total smash- despite some nerves on my part . I look forward to their review in their pamphlet - it all helps. I will become a member now. Getting recognition as a poet for page and stage is vital and it has boosted my confidence immeasurably.Looks like my co-producers did not receive my postal package of the grant application. So I will start all over again copying stuff to give to my Dramaturge who is on board to help - what a relief ! I am getting lots of good support from fellow practitoners on the grant challenge . Looks like devising and piloting digital visual stuff in the Summer months then ! I cannot help feeling frustrated as I just want to get on with what I do best 'make art' rather than all this adminstrative stuff

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