Monday, 1 February 2010

Backstory takes off

The back story I have now come to realise is a time to enjoy writing - a kind of free writing oh the sparse use of your own stories and others just to spice it enoght to then take flight off on your own imagination, to be taken over by a character or a scene. It may not be like this later on as my dramaturge points out - but for now I write on and I will see where it all leads me ....I was pleased with my first pass, so to speak and pulled off, at a dramatic point ,just as my lead character reaches puberty as to what I had written so far, to discuss with my dramaturge She was vey positve , said it showed I enjoyed the writing, she wanted me to just continue writing, most importantly she really responded to the character in particular the voice and really wanted to know what happened next, she also said something about 'lived experience'.-I said someone else said this about my poetry too - must be some literary hallmark of mine I was pleased with the characters attitude- I had given her a harshness, wry comments but also the pathos - this was crucial to me, for her to speak her own real way in a hybird language all of her own - she begins to have a life of her own - this is very excitng

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